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Interactive ATM Level 2  
Intermediate Grammar

Preparing for Conversation
Arabic Conversation
Intermediate Reading

Preparing for Arabic Conversation with My Arabic Teacher v5.1

A Teacher Without Borders
At school - Integrating Intermediate Arabic Grammar
A Teacher Without Borders
At the Post Office - Everyday Conversation
A Teacher Without Borders
Short Stories - Wisdom of Education
A Teacher Without Borders
Integrate Grammar with each lesson - audio-visual with hi-fi sound files
A Teacher Without Borders
Indians Tribe in the Classroom, Exclusive action graphics
A Teacher Without Borders
The Lion and the Steer - Children's Stories

You can either select a few examples directly from the preset session, or launch the "Elementary Topics" then follow it by the "Conversation Topics" with easy to follow audio instructions in English."

Each section starts with an "Introduction" and a "How To..." instructions page in each of these two sections, beside localized instructions one-lesson-at-a-time and tool tips. The student also can combine a group of lessons during a single session.

IMPORTANT: Use of a mouse control is necessary with this program even when studying on a laptop computer.

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