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Interactive ATM Level 3  
Advanced - Intensive Reading

Advanced Grammar
Intensive Reading
Geography Topics

Enormous lot of study material - Classical at best

A Teacher Without Borders
Reading Topics - Main Portal
A Teacher Without Borders
Marrakech, Morocco - Classical Essay by famous writers
A Teacher Without Borders
Andalusian Culture Cities and their History
A Teacher Without Borders
Story of Justice - by Al-Ghazali
A Teacher Without Borders
The Planets - Science
A Teacher Without Borders
Persia's Ancients Cities. Classical Essays by Al-Qazwini
A Teacher Without Borders
People everyone needs to know
A Teacher Without Borders
Timeline and Traditions
A Teacher Without Borders
Guided Intensive
Reading Lessons
with Questions and Answers in Arabic and in English

Enjoy an over one hundred lessons of classical Arabic reading materials and short Arabian tales, including subjects such as: Arabic calligraphy, science, ancient cities, monuments, sea world, Sindbad travels, and famous anecdotes, incorporating culture, geography, history and short biographies of famous Arab writers, scientists, philosophers, historians, and travelers among others, including: Ibn Battuta, Al-Ghazali, ash-Shurayshi, Al-Qazwini, Al-Ibsheehi, Ad-Dumayri, Al-Idreesi, Ibn Hawqal, Abi Al-Fida, Az-Zahiri, Al-Maqdisi, Ibn Qutaiba, Abi'l Faraj, and other Arabic language masters and scholars.

Use three speeds reading and dictation levels beside Arabic and English auto-text reading, on-the-fly English translation, sound recording and comparison, and hypertext word search capability.

Great for Classical Arabic Studies at university level.

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