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 Learning Arabic Today

A Curriculum designed for the future
The old fashion way

Get ready to toss out all those CD-ROMs that teach Arabic by presenting the Arabic alphabet, or a few traveler's phrases, or a few Quranic verses. My Arabic Teacher is an entire self-paced, multi-year curriculum that will bring to the diligent student the ability to speak and understand the language within one school year.
My Arabic Teacher is much more than just a computer program or Arabic language teaching aide, it is a completely impressive educational multimedia environment - the most advanced tool for learning the language available to both non-Arabic speakers as well as those who already speak the language. Of course, the program includes features one would expect in a language software package such as audio for each word and sentence, the ability to record your own voice and compare it with a reference for proper pronunciation, and instantaneous translation between Arabic and English, but that is where the comparisons stop.   Continue arrowR


bullet What Users are saying about Mualimi...

Mustafa, PA

The Learning
Process Is Almost Effortless
"The learning process is almost effortless, which I believe can be attributed to its interactive ability to engross one in the transmission of knowledge. Thank you again for a much anticipated program. I will tell everyone I know about My Arabic Teacher. I consider it a prayer answered!"
Mustafa N.A., MHS,
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Shahid Nazir

The Best On the Market
"The program is the best. It took me no more than 30 minutes to recognize that I have a very good tool to improve my Arabic language. My Arabic Teacher has more interesting and advanced level study materials than I have ever expected from a software."
Shahid Nazir
Montreal, Quebec, Canada



From Beginners To Advanced
"The program is quite extensive and it's greatest feature for me is the brilliant grammar section which goes from beginners to very advanced! But not only is the software very good, the customer service that this company has provided me has been top notch. I found expert advice, and a very helpful and friendly service, even above and beyond the call of duty. I will most assuredly, like to purchase any updates and products this company has to offer."
Nermine Emad
Arabic Language Teacher
London, UK


James Raiss, PA

It Covers More Than Two Years At Harvard University
"My Arabic Teacher is, in our opinion the finest ASL Arabic learning program on the market. The care and concern for the student which have gone into the years of building this teaching tool are evident in every screen and every word. We feel that it is easily four times as effective as other programs selling for almost twice the price. Another reviewer said that you could spend 2 years at Harvard and not cover everything contained in My Arabic Teacher. We feel that you could spend four years at an Ivy League school and still not learn as much as you can in 6 months of applied study with Mualimi."
Jim Raiss and family
Philadelphia, PA, USA


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