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Issue 1 * February 1, 2009 Page 2  *  Front Page

A Curriculum designed for the future
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The beginning student - child or adult - is first exposed to reading Arabic using the Baghdadi Reading System. Conversation, basic mathematics and grammar are covered and every word and letter is interactive. A simple click of the mouse on any word provides the meaning and pronunciation. Over one thousand graphic images, maps, games and essays by linguists, scientists, travelers, historians and other writers are used to illustrate the lessons in vocabulary and grammar. Indeed, each page is individually designed by a professional graphic designer. Indeed, one of the joys of this program is the good humor and entertainment blended with such serious material.

Practice readings, many of which lessons will be new to most people, and are in a wide variety of subjects such as science, geography, and cultures. Maps of the Arab world (and really, just about everything in this program) are all interactive, providing information about each country, its people and its culture, and information for over six hundred cities. There are almost two hundred biographies of famous Muslims and Arabs as well as children's stories, hadith and Quranic readings.

With My Arabic Teacher acquisition of the Arabic language is never a bore, nor a chore, but an exciting exploration of literature, cultures, personalities and history, as well as a 75,000 word Arabic talking dictionary.

The program is completely bilingual with menus switching between Arabic and English with a click of the mouse. The rules of Arabic grammar are always available as is sentence diagramming. The program is also fully indexed in both Arabic and English making searches fast and easy.

This is indeed a professional-level multimedia multi-year standard Arabic language curriculum suitable for university-level language departments. and is priced accordingly. It should be considered a serious investment for the whole family or individual, not a diversion, and you can be assured that you and your children will grow towards fluent access to the language. (Parent and child can even work the program together!) Schools and other institutions may purchase a site license to run multiple copies at their school.


by Jeremiah D. McAuliffe, Jr., Ph.D.

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