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A serious Arabic language acquisition source for self-education, home schooling and as MSA curriculum from K-12 to university
ATM Summer Intensive
The original development started in 1995 during a ten weeks summer-intensive Arabic language acquisition course at Temple University. The study materials for non-Arabic speaking students also included field visits to local cultural sites such as the Philadelphia's Museum of Arts, the National Library in Washington D.C., and the Museum of History and Art in New York, among others.
The students who attended the summer-intensive course were a selected elite from regional public schools. Most of them had no idea what the Arabic alphabet even looked like. In ten weeks, and for the first time, the parents heard their children reciting poetry in Arabic as well as they enjoyed a short play the young students presented at graduation.
"Speak Arabic in 30 Days" for all levels and ages preset Session Plan was added to Mualimi v5.1 to simulates the successful summer-intensive course so that everyone can benefit from it. The curriculum also incorporates a wider range of educational resources and an extensive library of study materials including classical Arabic essays, a complete Arabic grammar course, timeline, biographies, geography, math, conversation and much more...
My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi Arabic language tutoring and educational software engages every expectation of professional software development and design. See "Features" for more details.
My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi was first release in 2002 and has been serving the needs for Arabic language acquisition for individuals, parents, and schools worldwide.
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