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What's New In Mualimi v5.1
User friendly Arabic language tutoring program. It features a complete plan for learning Arabic for non-Arabic speaking students of all levels and ages.

A Teacher Without Borders
Spend more time learning, less time studying.
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels for learning Arabic for non-Arabic speaking students.

What's New

Use the preset session plan or set up your own to study at your own pace.

Quick Tips

Audio-visual and rich with examples and exercises.

Interactive bilingual menu control

Bilingual Arabic-English pull-down menus, contextual menus and keyboard control with tool tips.

Ask Mualimi

Enjoy step-by-step easy to follow lessons and bilingual explanations along with on-the-fly translation, an over 17,000 hi-fi Arabic audio sound files.

Voice recording and comparison

Record your own voice and compare with the original audio.

The program has all the tools a student needs to learn Arabic. It's like having a private tutor.

A Teacher Without Borders

Select a preset session plan to start learning Arabic, or build your own to continue your Arabic language study.

Attendance Records

Review the attendance records and get your Certificate of Completion.


We learned with My Arabic Teacher

Interactive Quick Tips window in Mualimi v5.1

The Quick Tips window in My Arabic Teacher is an excellent source of understanding Arabic grammar for the Intermediate Level 2 and the Advanced Level 3.

There are some 200 standard tips with examples to learn from. The explanation is short and concise. Moreover, we used the Text-To-Speech technology to enhance the presentation and to have your tips read for you along with standard fields and lists technology regular computer users are familiar with.

This special window may be considered as an entire Arabic language course for Arabic Level 2 and 3 by itself. You can also use it to refresh you knowledge and practice of Arabic grammar.

How to take advantage of this rich source of Modern Standard Arabic:

1. You can preset the pages to read the English explanations and examples.

2. You can search for basic grammatical terms and get a spoken explanation of each term.

3. You can take advantage of the text field's hypertext capability to advance in your search. Just point and click on the English word to find more about it.

4. There are some 700 standard Arabic phrases in this section alone for everyday use in this section alone. They are short and practical. Learn them once and for all.

5. Use the Find and Find Again program capability.

Enjoy learning.

A Teacher Without Borders
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