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My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1
A Curriculum Designed for Success
My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1 is a comprehensive Arabic language tutoring and educational program for all levels and ages. The program offers an immersive Arabic language study environment for self-paced study at home or at school. It features an extensive library of study materials for Arabic language acquisition similar to those offered by schools and universities around the world, and helps the student to build a strong foundation in both Classical as well as Modern Standard Arabic with particular emphasis on conversation, reading, comprehension and building strong grammar skill.
The learning process centers on more learning, and less studying. Completion requires no more than 200 hours at the most. At the completion of the course, the student will have acquired an equivalent of more than two semesters of Arabic studies at any university around the world.
The study materials include: Reading, writing, math, conversation, grammar, classical essays, biographies, timeline and geography along with quizzes, games, interactive maps, sound recording and comparison and an over 17,000 hi-fi audio files and much more...

Session Planning
Example of Arabic Language Study Materials in Mualimi v5.1
Here is a summary of what is included in My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1. The goal of this user-friendly special Arabic language acquisition plan is to prove to oneself that Arabic is easy to learn and to understand even in thirty days of serious study to start.
Speak Arabic in 30 days
A Preset Plan for Beginners
Elementary, from Level 1:
Introductory sessions
This section includes:
  1. Learning the Arabic Alphabet
  2. Practice writing with animated examples
  3. Exercises for reading fluency
  4. Start building an initial audio-visual library of vocabulary with images
  5. Training on basic reading and proper pronunciation
  6. Learn the basics of speaking in Arabic with simple games and quizzes
Suggested study plan: Two to three sessions.
Building knowledge
This section also includes:
  1. Learning about Nouns
  2. The Adjectives
  3. The Personal Pronouns
  4. The Definite and the Indefinite
  5. The Sun letters and the Moon letters
  6. The Demonstrative Particles
  7. Gender
  8. Learning about the Interrogative Particles
  9. Particles of Preposition
  10. How to build a simple Nominal Sentence
  11. The Subject and the Predicate in the Nominal sentence
  12. Intermediate reading
  13. Listening to enhance comprehension
Suggested study plan: Three to five sessions.
Intermediate, from Level 2:
At this level the student will expand vocabulary and reading fluency while advancing in learning about sentence structuring with the Simple Verbal Sentence. Each lesson is supplemented with audio-visual exercises, both in Arabic with on-the-fly English translation. All questions and their correct answers are on screen while the student is encouraged to practice saying them out loud and to write them down as well.
Beside helping the student to expand the ability to read and write in Arabic and to carry an intelligent conversation, listening is what this entire audio-visual program is built upon. Refining comprehension will come from rehearsal and better understanding of the Arabic grammar. This is done on lesson at a time with easy to follow exercises and quick tips.
Elementary and Intermediate Arabic Grammar
This section also includes:
  1. Sentence reading, listening and comprehension
  2. Understanding basic grammar in building Arabic sentences
  3. The Past tense, the Present tense, and the Future tense
  4. Building the Interrogative sentence by asking questions and getting answers
  5. How to ask a question
  6. How to answer a question
  7. Learning about Adjectives and Numerals
  8. Numbers
  9. Types of verbs
  10. Verb forms and basic conjugation
  11. The Subject and the Object of the sentence
  12. Learning about the Imperative verb form
  13. Listening and reading short stories
  14. Simple sentence diagramming
  15. Practice with questions and answers
  16. Learning about the Adverbial sentence
  17. Translation exercises
  18. Expanding knowledge of the Interrogative
  19. Rules of Declension
  20. Constructing the Dual and the Plural
  21. The Conditional Sentence
  22. Colors and their meters
  23. Intermediate reading
  24. Advanced dictation
Suggested study plan: Ten to fifteen days.
Advanced, from Level 3:
This section also includes:
  1. The Passive verb
  2. Exceptions
  3. Intensification
  4. The Conditional Sentence
  5. Vocative Particles
  6. The Accusative, Nominative, and the Genitive
  7. The Defective Verbs
  8. Adverbs of Time and Place
  9. The Elative
  10. Verbs of Emphasis
  11. Sentence analysis
  12. Intensive reading
  13. Advanced composition and writing practice
Suggested study plan from one to two weeks.
Once this section titled "Speak Arabic in 30 Days" is completed, the student should then be able to read newsprint, browse Arabic pages on the internet with ease, have a better listening comprehension, use basic Arabic in daily conversation, read signs for directions and get ready to bring his or her Arabic language study to a new level.
We now need to oft-practice what we learned, and to expand that knowledge by further completing the course in My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1 (ATM).

Enjoy your study.
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