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About Arabic Today

Who speaks Arabic today?

Arabic is the language of hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East, North Africa and around the world. Arabic is also the mother tong of millions of Arab immigrants, second generation Arabs, and by other ethnic groups living in the Western hemisphere.

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic and local dialects stem from the classical Arabic language and its culture. Arabic is taught in almost every university around the world, and in some 1,100 high schools in the USA alone, along with increased number of intensive Arabic summer programs spreading across the USA, while interest in learning Arabic has spread worldwide.

Who needs to learn Arabic today

Knowledge of Arabic is advantageous to high school and university students, scholars, researchers, business people working overseas, travelers, as well as parents providing homes schooling to their children, among others.

Choosing the curriculum

Self-education is the pursuit of interest to adults as well as youngsters. In this respect, home schooling is an exciting way of pursuing higher education, and many parents cater to such method to provide education for their children.

Solution for students and teachers

My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1 is a rich source of teaching materials, and it is a great solution for schools, universities and self-education, as well as it is a great program for home schooling.

Written for your success

My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi was developed in a classrroom environment and has proven to be a serious Arabic language acquisition source for self-education, home schooling and at university level.

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