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Interactive ATM Level 1  
Elementary - Reading and Writing

Basic Reading and Writing
Words In Pictures
Basic Arabic Grammar
Start to learn Arabic with basic reading and writing with animated audio-visual examples
A Teacher Without Borders
Start by learning the Arabic alphabet with guided audio
A Teacher Without Borders
Practice writing in Arabic and learn calligraphy with animated demo
A Teacher Without Borders
Get familiar with the shape - Drag and drop game
A Teacher Without Borders
Learn to speak in Arabic starting from Basic Level 1
A Teacher Without Borders
Practice reading in ten easy lessons to reach reading fluency in a few days only
A Teacher Without Borders
Let your keyboard add words in pictures to your memory bank

Level 1 introduces the first time Arabic language student to the basics starting with learning how to read, write and speak in Arabic. All in a user-friendly interface with audio-visual exercises suitable for all ages. Its like having a home tutor.

Reading and Writing in Arabic with My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1

When learning to read and write in Arabic for the first time, you need to think Right-To-Left. That is going clockwise from the top-right down to the left.

Use the "Show me how to write" navigation button and start the exercise with animation intended to ease your ability to read with more fluency, and follow that with the "Practice for Reading Fluency" link to start. It is that easy.

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