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Mualimi v5.1 (ATM)  
Comprehensive Arabic language software for All levels and ages
Building a solid foundation for Arabic language students and professionals
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Home Schooling
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Home schooling success with My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1

When looking for an Arabic language tutoring program for self-paced study at home, at school, or to teach Arabic to children of different ages, you will need a comprehensive curriculum with audio-visual with session planning to achieve a better success.

My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi v5.1 development started as a project in a classroom environment teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speaking students. The curriculum can either be completed within 200 hours, or you can use it as a multi-year curriculum.

Learn and practice at your own pace to improve your pronunciation and fluency, and have the needed confidence to read, write, and speak in Arabic as your second language (ASL). My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi will help you do that.

Enjoy learning.

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