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  • Easy to follow lessons with on-the-fly English translation
  • 17,000 Hi-Fi audio examples
  • Step-by-step guidance and tests
  • Interactive instructions and examples
  • Self-paced method
  • Bilingual interface
  • Audio-visual learning 
  • Global Text-To-Speech technology to assist foreign students in reading the English text explanations, instructions and translation
  • Local Arabic-English word search engine  
  • A comprehensive Arabic grammar course
  • Extensive grammar terminology index
  • Bilingual English-Arabic Index of Grammatical Terms
  • Complete Arabic grammar virtual online manual
  • Basic conversational Arabic with daily instances 
  • Thirty Arabic writing and calligraphy practice with print option
  • Global on-demand Dictation and Reading
  • Dictation and Reading speed control
  • A unique Arabic Talking menus and button links feature
  • Bilingual Arabic-English interface and instructions
  • Comprehensive bilingual English-Arabic grammar manual
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Advanced audio-visual and multimedia-rich environment 
  • Over 1000 images, pictures, and action graphics 
  • Over 16,000 / 65,000 English-Arabic TALKING Dictionary to enhance your Arabic vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Color-coded Grammatical examples and audio for each word and sentence Advanced levels with global access to Elementary Arabic grammar.
  • Elementary Arabic grammar with global access to advanced levels Audio for each word and sentence
  • Auto-reader for English and Arabic text.
  • Play-And-Learn with Extensive vocabulary, conversation, and games.
  • A Global Talking English-Arabic Dictionary
  • Localized Arabic-English search engine
  • Advanced Find and Find Again menu with keyboard options 
  • Reviews and Go Back menu
  • Advanced menus and keyboard controls 
  • Direct access to major subjects via pull-down menus
  • On-the-fly Global access to all subject, references, and maps
  • Global review and reporting engine
  • Sound recording and comparison Bookmarks
  • Browsing and Classroom controls
  • Time log, Attendance sheet and reporting
  • Easy windows manipulation and screen control
  • Over 80 abridged classical Arabic essays by traditional linguists, scientists, travelers, historians and writers 
  • Over 180 biographies of renowned people to enhance the student's reading and translation capabilities
  • Geography of the Arab World
  • Interactive maps and Atlas search engine 
  • Children stories, anecdotes, wisdom, and much more...
  • On-the-fly English translation 
  • Global English-Arabic translation of all texts 
  • Classical Arabic text reading
  • Timeline up to modern era 
  • Audio to learn Quranic recital 
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Ample materials for home study you can complete in less than 200 hours.
  • A rich source for multi-year curriculum 
  • An Arabic language program the way you like it.
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