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Interactive Bilingual Interface  
User friendly with tool tips

Bilingual Menus Session Planning
ATM is the only Arabic language tutoring software on PC with bilingual interface, talking menus and over 17,000 hi-fi MP3 audio files.

Easy Interface switching
Easy switching between Arabic and English interface
English menus
Interactive English menus with keyboard and mouse controls.
Arabic menus
Interactive Arabic menus with keyboard and mouse controls

Advanced Learning Tools Made for Learning Arabic At Home or School

My Arabic Teacher, Mualimi 5.1 is the only PC software that features bilingual interface switching using the most advanced UNICODE capabilities. This will facilitate navigation and helps the student to learn new vocabulary and to make the learning process enjoyable. Another unique feature in Mualimi 5.1 is the TALKING menus where the program reads the user's selection in Arabic to ease memorization and helps improve pronunciation.

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