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Interactive ATM Level 1  
Elementary - Integrating Grammar from the Start

Basic Reading and Writing
Words In Pictures
Basic Arabic Grammar
Samples of lessons with direct "Point and Click" links to audio-visual learning sessions

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Definite or Indefinite?

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The Sun Letters

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What time is it?
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Everyday situation.
Say it with confidence from the start
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Weather Forecast
For better planning
with maps in Arabic
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Speak Arabic in 30 Days with Arabic-English instructions

Arabic Grammar for Beginners enhances comprehension

These are examples of what you find in the junior "Intermediate Topics" section. Here, the student is introduced to simple Arabic phrase construction and basic grammar tips through participation in class activities, simulating real environment designed to foster the student's confidence and ease in using Arabic.

Once you complete the "Basic Arabic Reading and Writing" you find in the "Basic Topics" level, you can either review the "Basic Grammar" in Level 2, or launch the "Speak Arabic in 30 Days" Session Planning link for an easy learning process with ample audio-visual examples, exercises, grammar and practical guidelines.

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